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About Us


My name is Alex and I am the owner of Barra Enthusiasts. After finally purchasing a standard BA XT that is naturally aspirated, my family (who already own some nice Barra’s) suggested that I look into doing a turbo conversion to my 92,000km Barra.

After thorough research on the NA/T conversions, I noticed how easy it was to do. The only difficult part was trying to find the right parts and having to look through multiple online stores to find what I needed. This made me come up with an awesome idea.

What if I make an online store that has the products that I’m trying to find located all in one place?

How long have we been in business?

On the 8th of August 2021, I decided it was time. I had a logo made that fitted my vision of the store. Then I hopped on Shopify and started designing the website. I made profiles on social media and now boom, here we are.


Our mission

Our goal is to centralise all Barra parts into one location to make it easier for all of our enthusiasts.

We also plan to make a complete platform for everything Barra-related. This is including an online store, marketplace and nationwide stores & tuning/mechanical locations.

Our values

We thrive on transparency, communication and efficiency. Without these values, we can’t provide a high quality service that you can trust.

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Product Enquiry

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Ask for a stock check and our team will check with our supplier prior to placing an order!