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How Orders are Processed & Fulfilled

As orders begin to increase at Barra Enthusiasts, we have had an increase in enquiries regarding how orders are fulfilled and their processing times. This post will help provide more information on how fulfill orders for our beloved enthusiasts.

How does it work?

When orders are placed they are sent directly to our supplier/s, meaning that your parts are brand new and untouched. We then organise for your parts to shipped straight to you. It should be included that there a few steps in-between sending the order and shipping orders such as purchase orders, merchant reconciliation and invoicing which also plays a role on processing times.

Why don’t you just hold stock?

As we a young and fresh business, we are doing what we can to manage our forecasting, meaning that we run our model off essentially being the ‘middle man’ until we are in a position to run our own warehouse to hold stock. 

Understanding Availability on our Store

When looking at parts on our store, you may see the following labels:

  • Available (Contact us for ETA): This means that it is available for order through our supplier, however if you require this part ASAP, we highly recommend contacting us to get an estimated time of arrival. 
  • Get Price & ETA for this Part: Sometimes our suppliers require specific information before we can quote a price. A good example of this are the XYZ Big Brake Kits. This can also mean that the supplier does not have any instock and there may be an extended wait.
  • Unavailable: This usually means that the part is either discontinued or out of stock with our supplier. 

If your order is taking longer than usual?

If your order still processing after 14 days, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We try our best to keep you updated on your order status frequently, however it can be difficult with a high volume of orders coming in. As of recently, we have noticed delays in shipments due to the current floods and suppliers resources being delayed during importation. 

The Future of Barra Enthusiasts

Our goal is to provide a fast and efficient shopping experience in an environment where you can find all of the Barra parts that you need all in the one place. We plan to open a warehouse located in the most commonly ordered place for parts so we can hold stock and ship it to you as quick as possible. 

We are extremely appreciative of your patience and understanding during these busy times and look forward to growing this community and store as much as we can.

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