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Barra Enthusiasts is back!

We are proud to announce the return of the Barra Enthusiasts store!

After endless hours of recreating our beloved store, migrating our database and much more behind the scenes, we are now at a comfortable place to relaunch our store. In this post, we will give you an in-depth description as to why we were down for so long and where we are now.

Where did you go?

Right before Christmas 2021, our team had all tested positive to COVID. To eliminate the risk of contaminating any orders and spreading the virus, we came to the decision to temporarily close the store. With the inevitable risk of causing a roadblock in cash-flow, we were unable to hold the store up on the platform we were hosting the store at the time. This lead us to re-evaluate our finances and forecasting strategy.

With this in mind, this also lead us down a road of much better hosting strategy which would allow us full ownership of our data and complete customisation of the website and an extremely lower cost. Since going offline, we have rebuilt the whole website along with migrating all of our data over.

What is new?

With our store on a new host, we now have the ability to cutomise the website however we like. Below are some of our new features:

  • New mobile-friendly site
  • Easier ordering platform
  • Faster loading store
  • Easier order tracking

What else is coming?

We have a lot of exciting new features coming to Barra Enthusiasts. Some of these include:

  • Barra Marketplace – A place where you can buy, swap and sell your second-hand Barra parts.
  • New Affiliates Area – A user-friendly built-in Affiliates Area, perfect for content creators or those looking to make a little extra income.
  • Barra Enthusiasts Mobile App – That’s right! We have designed a store in a way that can be converted straight into a phone app. Whether you are on Android or iPhone, you will be able to download the app within the near future.
  • Blog/News Page – A place where you can learn more about the beloved Barra and tips and tricks on ways you can take advantage of it.
  • Parts Finder (Store Wide) – Remember our old parts finder? This parts finder will be built store-wide, meaning you can create a garage and see if any part will fit your car.
  • Mapped Categories – This is a long process, but is an essential one. By mapping all parts to their tailored categories, it will make it easier for you to find the right parts in the right places.

How can I see my previous orders?

When registering for a new account on our site, by using your email address, you will be able to sync your account from our old database to this one. Meaning that you will be able to see all of your previous orders. This essential for any warranties or issues with your order.

If your account doesn’t link to the old database

Please contact us right away and we will link the accounts together.

If you find an issue or bug, please contact us.