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Common Issues with the Ford Falcons – The Ultimate Guide

The Australian Ford Falcon B Series and FG Series have been increasingly popular over the time while she ages. They are a beloved Australian car which introduced the infamous Barra engine. With the Barra engine becoming popular internationally, from Adam LZ’s imported Barra swapped GT350 to Barra performance parts and engines being sold in the Netherlands

With so many parts made and designed to suit the Ford Falcon and Barra engine, it definitely an easy car to work with inside and out. However, every car has it downsides and it’s always a good idea to check for common issues before purchasing one.

The guide will list common issues found in the BA, BF, FG and FG-X Ford Falcons, how to find the indicators and how much each part will cost.

Rust – Always check the boot!

With the Falcon BA/BF series getting closer to their 20 years of life, it is expected that rust is going to appear in places. One of the most common places you will find rust is in your boot, specifically around the spare wheel well.

  • Price: $20 (Rust Convertor) – Temporary Fix
  • Price: $200+ (Panel Beater) – Slightly-less Temporary Fix
Driveshaft Centre Bearing – Knock, knock! Who’s there?

Ever take off at a stop sign and feel an intense knocking vibration? That’s a good indicator that your driveshaft centre bearing is on it’s way out. This usually happens due to harsh driving, causing stress on the tailshaft.

Brake Rotors – Slowing down without perfection

All of the Falcons are known to suffer from warped brakes at some point in their lifetime. This is usually caused from wear and tear but can offer be caused from other factors such as damaged wheel bearings and issues with the brake calipers or even surface rust build up when stationary for extended periods of time.

Fortunately this is an easy fix in most cases, with a vented rotor replacement.

  • Price: From $200 a pair onwards, depending on the type of rotor you choose to use. We highly recommend Slotted Rotors to help decrease rotor warp.
Alternator – Steer clear of Power Steering Pump Leaks!

With the Alternator located under the power steering pump, leaks can become a real issue with the alternator and you WILL know when there is a problem. The alternator converts the energy generated from the engine back into the battery, hence why your battery doesn’t drain when the car is on.

When the alternator begins to fail battery faults and electrical faults will appear. Examples are your dashboard or lights flickering or malfunctioning, no power steering or even your car shutting off completely.

  • Price (Alternator): $250 onwards (coming to our store soon!)
  • Price (Power Steering Hose): $61 onwards
  • Price (Power Steering Pressure Switch): $44 onwards
Differential Bushes – We all have that one mate

Differential bushes are very common to wear, especially in the Falcons with independent rear suspension (IRS). Signs of your diff bushes going are knocking rounds in the rear, especially when going over speed bumps and rough roads.

Front Ball Joints – Don’t break this wishbone!

The double wishbone front suspension is made up of an upper and lower arm that work together with a spring and shock absorber to provide stable handling at all speeds. Since these ball joints are placed under such a large amount of stress, it is expected for them to wear. Signs of your ball joints are bad can include uneven tyre wear, drifting to one side, clucky or even squeaky noises, along with loose and shaky steering.

Other Known Common Issues
  • Ignition Coils ($29 per coil, onwards): Misfiring is the most noticeable symptom, along with loss of power.
  • Parking Brake Shoes ($52 onwards): The most obvious symptom is your car rolling when the handbrake is on.
  • Interior Plastics are known to shatter and brake. 


Know of any other common issues that weren’t listed here? Leave them in the comments below!