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AEM’s 0-100PSI Oil/Air/Fuel Pressure Gauge unites unsurpassed accuracy, speed and control with an easy to read, analog interface. The AEM analog gauge also offer a 0-5v analog output for use with data loggers and virtually any engine management system, such as the AEM EMS or FIC.

The 100PSI Oil Pressure Gauge is a must for anyone with a performance engine. Knowing your exact oil pressure is critical, as a drop in oil pressure can signal internal engine troubles are a few moments away. Bearings can become damaged well before the light on your dash illuminates. The 320 degrees of resolution makes it easy to see when there’s even a 2 PSI change in pressure, giving you time to shut things down before damage occurs. The lightning fast needle movement is a result of a precision high speed electronic stepper motor making it one of the fastest and most accurate gauges available. A 100PSIG brass sensor gives the gauge its accuracy. The backlighting is user adjustable to 7 colors, allowing users to easily match the AEM Oil Pressure gauge to most factory gauge clusters. Each gauge comes with interchangeable black & silver bezels and black and white gauge faceplates for multiple color combinations.


  • Gauge Readout from 0 to 100PSI
  • Adjustable backlighting via a dial on the back of the gauge
  • Includes black and silver interchangeable bezels and white and black faceplates
  • 320 degree viewing area for unsurpassed resolution
  • Pressure gauge includes AEM 100PSIG brass sensor
  • 0-5v analog output included for use with data loggers and virtually any engine management system


  • 1x 35-5133 Pressure Gauge Assembly
  • 1x 30-2131-100 Pressure Sensor
  • 1x 35-4302 Install Kit (6 Butt Connectors)
  • 1x 10-5133 Installation Instructions
  • 1x 35-3411 8-Pin Power Harness
  • 1x 35-3412 3-Pin Sensor Harness
  • 1x 35-8529S Silver Bezel
  • 1x 35-8540W Oil Pressure Faceplate, White
  • 1x 35-8543B Fuel Pressure Faceplate, Black
  • 1x 35-8543W Fuel Pressure Faceplate, White
  • 1x 35-8549W Air Pressure Faceplate, White
  • 1x 35-8549B Air Pressure Faceplate, Black
  • 1x Faceplate Configuration Instructions
  • 1x Paper Clip Needle Removal Tool

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