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Bluetooth Multizone Modular RGBW & Addressable LED Controller

  • Six zone control
  • Full multicolor control including white
  • 20 adjustable patterns, plus custom DIY modes, music and audio modes
  • Fully waterproof (IP67) and shockproof

Breakthrough! Next level control for plug and play addressable halos, boards, DRL, etc. Indivually control up to six separate zones on the one controller with the ability to name each zone and set zones for turn signaling. Turn signal types can also be changed in the app from flash on/off, flow, or chase.

All-in-one. Unlike most other addressable controllers, this is one unit for bluetooth phone control including auto DRL and turn signal input wires. With an inbuilt voltage converter means there’s less parts required to connect your addressable LEDs.

One for all! This modular multizone control box is compatible with BOTH addressable/chasing LEDs as well as regular RGB and RGBW LEDs. This means only ONE control box on a single app is required for controlling halos, boards, DRL strips, demon eyes, and any other colour changing lighting in your car! Just set what type of LED is on that particular channel and the quantity of addressable LED chips in a row. If you have four demon eyes and four addressable halos you would need one modular control box and one of each splitter. This also gives you the ability to add extras later on such as underglow, fog light halos, engine bay lights, etc.



  • SK6812 and other 5V addressable LEDs
  • RGBW LED such as demon eyes alongside addressable
  • B606 Multizone modular splitters are required as needed for your application

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Unspoken Design

Unspoken Design specialises in custom headlights & automotive lighting, offering a great selection of products and services at competitive prices.

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