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The dirt dissolving solution penetrates thoroughly without attacking the protective wax coating.

1000 ml bottle with a cap that measures out 25 ml. Yields 20 applications per bottle. High gloss cleaning power for DIY or Professional, manual vehicle wash. Works quickly and thoroughly, against typical road dirt. Suitable for cleaning all paintwork surfaces, such as metal, glass, plastics, rubber including tiles, porcelain, and enamelled surfaces.

Fun fact: What is the benefit of being Phosphate-free? The chemical compounds of Phosphates pollute lakes, bays and streams.

Key Benefits

✓ Leaves a high gloss!
✓ High concentrate shampoo formula that quickly penetrates & dissolves dirt.
✓ Cleans all paint, rubber, plastic, vinyl & glass surface.
✓ Suitable for all paintwork surfaces.
✓ Its mild surface-active agent preserves the protective wax layer.
✓ Phosphate-free & pH neutral.

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SONAX is the global product specialist for vehicle and machine surface care and cleaning. They stand for optical and functional durability in everything they do, from manual washing for those who care about the details to automated carwashing, from spectacular racing and craftsmanship to agriculture and bicycle care. In addition, for premium quality.

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